In today’s workplace there are an ever-increasing number of challenges, which lead to all levels of an organisation experiencing higher degrees of stress.

When stress levels increase, innovation and efficiency decrease, along with the health and wellbeing of the company and its staff.

This can be different and the energy that is lost managing stress can be harnessed and redirected to optimise the workplace.

Our workshops and seminars help you gain clarity on your situation and teach how to integrate the skills of healthy communication, healthy living and stress management in the workplace and in life.

We offer a number of tools and customisable programs to meet the specific requirements of your unique organisation and team.

Workshops and seminars are typically offered on-site, within a time frame designed to fit your workplace setting. We offer:

  • Half and full day in-house workshops;
  • One hour video conferencing support calls; and
  • Executive retreats at a location of choice near your business.

Simply, contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a complementary consultation on how we can assist your company join the world of thriving, transformative and sustainable businesses.

Note: the more details we have about your company’s unique circumstances the better we can customise a solution for you. The costs vary depending on the desired format, location and number of participants.

Workshops, Retreats & Private Sessions Available